JAVA Exploit

Recently Homeland Security announced that JAVA had a weakness in Java Security that would allow installation of malicious software or malware. The mere fact that any US government agency would do so is rare.

The problem affects all PC's,so it doesn't matter if you are using Linux, have a Mac, or a Windows machine. There has been a patch issued by Oracle, which doesn't completely solve the problem. So for now you should disable JAVA, the procedure to do so depends on your OS. The following link will walk you through the steps needed.

For Linux it is a matter of doing a search for Java, opening the Java control panel and unchecking the box regarding using Java. Please note that you may need to get the latest upgrade in order to have a Java Control Panel(I know Catch22) Please do take action as there are kits circulating on the Internet which allow Black Hat Hackers to utilize this exploit.


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